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Group therapy

Paediatric Allied Health

Group Therapy provides a safe environment for children to practice new skills, techniques and social skills with others!

Group Therapy programs generally run over 6-8 weeks focusing on a specific set of skills ... created by our Physiotherapist, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapist

Some group programs we run -

Social & Emotional Skills

From rolling and sitting as infants, to skipping and climbing playgrounds in childhood.

Prep & School Readiness

Leg length discrepancies, scoliosis, post surgery, and fractures.

Food Exploration

Concepts of gravity, force, motion, and equilibrium.

Communication Skills

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly (side preferences and flat spots).

Story Telling

Spasticity and reflex management as well as pain and fatigue.

Sports and Games

Board games and team sports, develo

How does it work?

Group programs are a fantastic way to implement the strategies and foundational skills learnt in 1:1 therapy sessions. Group programs are run by Therapists and AHAs with a structured program written to target a variety of goals and objectives specific to the group purpose/theme. The therapy team puts time into ensuring each group is appropriate for each individual.

Questions to ask when considering Group Therapy?
  • What goal(s) are you wanting to achieve?
  • How long can your child tolerate therapy for?
  • Does your funding plan allow for this type of therapy?

What are the benefits of Group Therapy

Our team have extensive training and utilise many techniques in every session

Using Group therapy means we can target a range of skills with a group of kids who

You will also see Speech and OT join into an intensive block to maximise on all the achievements possible.

All in a fun and entertaining way that won't make it seem like work!

Applying foundationals Skills
Opportunities to interact with others
Extra practice in a fun way that doesn't feel like therapy
Put into practice skills learnt in therapy
Teaches teamwork, cooperation and turn taking skills
Watching others model the same techniques and skills
Teaching communication in a safe space
Increased confidence and socials skills
Making new friends and connections for kids and adults

A fabulous way to receive physiotherapy support and enhance outcomes, our team can often be found in the water.

This helps with:


Proprioceptive Input and Awareness

Early Skillls Acquisition

Reduced Weight & strength Demands