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Gladioli Graduate Program

Paediatric Allied Health

Become a Gladioli

Finishing University and beginning your career as a therapist can be daunting! Starting this new chapter you want support and guidance until you find your feet.

At Lifespan Therapies, we offer extensive support for ALL of our staff – but as a new or recent graduate our Gladioli Program helps you on your way.

What's it like working with Lifespan?

Therapists at Lifespan Therapies provide holistic, creative and collaborative care for clients – sharing our knowledge and expertise far and wide. We look after each other. We are committed to serving our community – working hard on their challenges whilst celebrating the achievements (no matter how big or small)!

Therapists do their best work when well supported by a spectacular Customer Service team. We’ve got that covered. Our team love admin and customer care and help the therapists get their best work done as quickly and easily as possible. They take the pressure out of calendars and schedule changes so you can focus on what’s important.  

Fridays from 12 are spent together as a team and the energy is electric. Whether it be on clinical training, client conferences, professional skills or collaborative working parties. We know that we are amazing individuals but as a team we achieve even more. These times are where the magic happens!

We celebrate. A lot! Milestones, birthdays (and cake!), and make a lot of noise about our personal and professional achievements. We know that work isn’t always roses, we’ve got your back for the quieter days, the support will always be there for you. 

Gladioli Graduate Program

What does it entail?

We want everyone to feel empowered to provide innovative and fun therapy, allowing you to enjoy the adventure of work each day.

During this program you will receive:

  • Full access to support from the clinical and customer service team at any time – we are only a message or phone call away, or sitting right beside you!

  • Lower initial KPIs of 4 & build across to company standard of 5 KPI per day

  • Dedicated time across your week for completing administrative, non-face-to-face tasks as well as independent Professional Development (3 hours across your week)

  • Formal clinical supervision weekly (from your chosen provider -including external)

  • Fortnightly direct line management to support professional skillset development

  • Fortnightly graduate group training and support

  • Monthly whole team training and professional skill building

  • PDP Professional Development Plans reviewed quarterly to reflect on your achievements thus far, and prepare your next goals!

  • Access your annual Professional Development Allowance and week of Paid PD Leave from the start!

Multidisciplinary Therapy
Buddy and joint sessions are a regular occurrence here at Lifespan Therapies. We find the results for our clients increase with our holistic care approach.

As a new graduate therapist, you will get the chance to shadow clinicians in all disciplines, not just your own; the best learning occurs when you are part of the process and hands on with clients.

Just a few of these opportunities could be:

  • Observe and undertake an assessment or intervention with a fellow colleague
  • Buddy on an equipment trial or adjustment appointment for a wheelchair and walking frame.
  • Join an OT to learn how to integrate sensory management strategies into your session.
  • Jump in with the Speechies and brush up on your key word sign

Our Values

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We believe in finding the right fit for everyone at Lifespan.