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Have you ever felt ‘thrown in the deep end’ in a new role?

At Lifespan Therapies you are welcomed by the WHOLE team – Customer Service Gurus, Management, Clinicians and Assistants – regardless of your discipline. Support is always there and after 3 months of onboarding with Lifespan, you will feel comfortable knowing the ins and outs of Lifespan and embody our values and philosophy.

The refreshing, animal inspired clinic boasts therapy rooms, physio jungle gym, staff room and lunch space to provide ample opportunities for collaboration, support and snack breaks!

Our unique Professional Development Framework is tailored to boost YOU to flourish and reach their potential. Clinicians receive a competitive PD allowance and PD leave, as well as plenty of in house training opportunities – including our annual Blossom Retreat!

What's it like working with Lifespan?

Therapists at Lifespan Therapies provide holistic, creative and collaborative care for clients – sharing our knowledge and expertise far and wide. We look after each other. We are committed to serving our community – working hard on their challenges whilst celebrating the achievements (no matter how big or small)!

Therapists do their best work when well supported by a spectacular Customer Service team. We’ve got that covered. Our team love admin and customer care and help the therapists get their best work done as quickly and easily as possible. They take the pressure out of calendars and schedule changes so you can focus on what’s important.  

Fridays from 12 are spent together as a team and the energy is electric. Whether it be on clinical training, client conferences, professional skills or collaborative working parties. We know that we are amazing individuals but as a team we achieve even more. These times are where the magic happens!

We celebrate. A lot! Milestones, birthdays (and cake!), and make a lot of noise about our personal and professional achievements. We know that work isn’t always roses, we’ve got your back for the quieter days, the support will always be there for you. 

Our Values

Our Founder

Elizabeth “Liz” Donnellan

Elizabeth “Liz” Donnellan founded Lifespan Therapies in 2015, she is our director, leader and a physiotherapist graduating in (insert year). Lifespan Therapies was created to quickly meet local needs, Liz started providing therapy and Pilates classes for all ages. Driven by her commitment to serve and help others, her starting business grew and grew. 

In 2020 Lifespan Therapies grew to provide multidisciplinary services to children across northern Brisbane. Come 2021, the growth continued – a clinic space, 5 more therapists and the customer service crew began. Every year since the team and clinic space have continued to expand and flourish, just like our collective team and client successes.

The cornerstone of this remarkable growth is Liz’s emphasis on nurturing her team to reach their personal potential. I want my team to feel that Lifespan is a career, not just a place to work. A workplace listens, cares and supports them in what they are passionate about to be uplifted and continue growing in whichever direction they choose.

Liz’s personal values shine through in all areas at Lifespan. Dedication to always give 110% for her team to have the best work experience and flourish as individuals and professionals; as well as seeing every client blossom and have access to everything they deserve. Her caring and never wavering determination is what has created such a welcome space, far more than just a therapy clinic. You’ll often find her popping into sessions to say hi, guide her team and jump on the tools and adjust some equipment. 

She might have two young children but that does not keep her away – you’ll find the girls alongside her in the clinic and having a play or the opportunity for some impromptu training (like testing out new games and ideas!). No question is too silly or far fetched, her fast paced problem-solving and creativity will see a growing strategy and solution within the next day. 

We are after like minded allied health clinicians who enjoy getting creative and having fun with clients – where therapy doesn’t feel like therapy but the outcomes have a sensational impact on children’s and families lives. 

Career Progression

Innovative therapy requires strong and effective clinician support. Our unique framework is designed in house, by the team for the team, to boost any team member to strive and reach their potential. We offer structured and meaningful formal supervision, as well as opportunities for debriefing and collaboration with the team and seniors any day. Professional Development Plans that are more than documents, we guide you through these and cheer you on. Want to boost your professional advocacy skills? Spend an hour with Liz! Or brush up on some new key words sign for your clients? Courtney’s your girl! Whatever path your wanting to explore, we will help make it happen.

Our clinicians receive a PD allowance, paid PD leave and plenty of in house training opportunities – including our annual Blossom Workshop. You’ll develop your clinical skills as well as your professional excellence at Lifespan. Friday team time is full of juicy clinical upskilling as well as enhancing professional skills and understanding of how we can maximise our personal strength for success.

Join Our Team

We believe in finding the right fit for everyone at Lifespan.