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Paediatric Allied Health

Our Paediatric Physiotherapists strive to help everyone achieve their functional goals.

Whether it be rolling and sitting with little babies, standing and walking for the first time or playing on the playground with friends - our Physios are here to help your little one blossom. It’s so much more than squats and tummy time!

Just a few things our physio team can help with include.


From rolling and sitting as infants, to skipping and climbing playgrounds in childhood.

Gait, Postural and Skeletal problems

Leg length discrepancies, scoliosis, post surgery, and fractures.

Balance and Coordination

Concepts of gravity, force, motion, and equilibrium.

Infant Positioning Concerns

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly (side preferences and flat spots).

Neurological Flucutations

Spasticity and reflex management as well as pain and fatigue.

Sport Readiness and Sport Specific Skills

A range of various sports including Tennis and Basketball.

We don't use just one therapy approach.

Our team have extensive training and utilise many techniques in every session

All in a fun and entertaining way that won't make it seem like work!

DMI-Dynamic Movement Intervention
RMTI-Reflex Integration
Pediasuit Protocol Intensive Therapy Model
Elaine Owens Gait Protocol
Hypervibe Vibration Plate
Halliwick Principles (Hydrotherapy)
TCD-Typical Child Development
Intensive Therapy

Intensives enhance neuroplasticity for everyone to achieve their goals!

Intensive Therapy are programs that involve doing an increased amount of therapy for a certain period. This will vary for each kid but can consist of up to 4 hours of therapy a day, 5 days a week for up to 3 weeks!

Our intensive blocks are predominantly physiotherapy interventions, but can and often do include sessions from multiple disciplines, such as Speech and Occupational Therapy.

How does it work?

Intensive therapy works on principles of neuroplasticity (pathways to the brain and ability to learn!). By doing therapy every day, these pathways are formed quicker and can be more solid due to the high number of repetitions.

Children can reach milestones or achieve goals in a short period of time and newly learned skills should be more easily transferable into the home environment with the completion of intensive therapy blocks. These can be conducted as a stand alone, or in addition to regular weekly therapy
- we see results in both approaches!

Intensive blocks are…INTENSE! But the results you can see make all the hard work worth it!

Questions to ask when considering an Intensive?
  • What goal(s) are you wanting to achieve?
  • How long can your child tolerate therapy for?
  • Does your funding plan allow for this type of therapy?

A fabulous way to receive physiotherapy support and enhance outcomes, our team can often be found in the water.

This helps with:


Proprioceptive Input and Awareness

Early Skillls Acquisition

Reduced Weight & strength Demands