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Paediatric Allied Health

Frequently Asked Questions

As we are a pediatric focused multi-disciplined clinic, our therapists here at lifespan therapy are highly sought after and therefore, we do have an active waitlist! The good news is our customer services team goes through the waitlist on a weekly basis to help all our families seeking therapy ASAP.  To find out the current waiting time for an appointment please contact our customer service team. 

Yes, we are an NDIS provider. Lifespan therapies is set up to access the NDIS portal for clients and has completed its NDIS accreditation to fully support NDIS funded families.

Our therapy sessions are billed for 60 minutes, which is structured to a 45/60-minute principle. What this means is the first 45 minutes of the session is direct therapy time, where our therapist works with you/your child on their specific goals. The final 15 minutes of the session is dedicated time to set you up for success until the next time we see you. This time will be used to explain any homework, preparing any resources for you to take home, completing notes from the session, and planning ahead for your next session.

Appointment Type

Initial Assessment

Reoccurring Sessions

Medicare Rebate

Out of Pocket

NDIS Funded










Medicare EPC





At lifespan therapies for all Private or Medicare clients we do require payment on the day of therapy. Payment can be made via our Eftpos services or on the spot EFT transfer.  As per the NDIS standards we have a 7-day invoice policy for all NDIS invoices, and these will be sent automatically to families or plan managers depending on how you are managed. 

At lifespan therapies we accept all private health insurers. We have onsite facilities to claim from your Healthfund on the spot and you just pay the gap. Forgot your card? Don’t worry we can provide you with a full invoice to claim back from your HealthFund. 

At Lifespan therapies we aren’t your typical allied health specialists, so why restrict therapy to just one place? One of our key values is community and we understand that sometimes accessing the clinic is not easy with a busy schedule, therefore not only do we offer therapy in clinic, but our therapist will travel to home, school, daycare, pools, gyms or parks, whatever it is that helps best support your family's needs. On top of convenience our therapist will recommend therapy in specific environmental settings to practice specific therapy goals in real-life situations. 

Yes, we do charge travel fees for community-based therapy. However, our goal is to share these travel costs with families by tailoring our community days to see multiple families in the same area! These travel costs are broken into 10, 15, 20, 30-minute increments based off the standard hourly rates outlined above. Generally, the travel cost is the time it takes to get to the location from our clinic in Strathpine. If patients live in the same area, the sum of the travel time can be divided to share the cost, if the practitioner does not have to return to the clinic in between. 

Travel Fee breakdown 



Suburbs Serviced but not limited too

10 Minutes


Strathpine, Brendale, Bald Hills, Bray Park, Lawnton

15 Minutes


Kallangur, Warner, Cashmere, Albany Creek, Taigum, Bracken Ridge, Bridgeman Down

20 Minutes


Dakabin, Northlakes, Aspley, Zillmere, Boondal, Mango Hill, Arana Hills Chermside, Brighton

30 Minutes


Caboolture, Morayfield, Narangba, Burpengary, Deception Bay, Redcliffe, Sandgate, Rothwell, Kippa Ring, Nundah, McDowell, Ferny Grove, Newstead, The Gap, Eagle Farm, Enoggera


Telehealth, like clinic and community visits, can sometimes be the best option to provide therapies to families. Although telehealth services have become more prominent since Covid-19, it’s a therapy we have been offering families that live remotely, have moved, are immuno-compromised or physically unable to make an appointment for a long time. If you would like to discuss Telehealth options, please bring it up with your therapist or our admin team. 

Lifespan therapies is not your typical allied health clinic, and you will discover this from the moment you enter our clinic. Instead of focusing on 1 primary therapy we have 3 – Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. A united team is crucial in uplifting and empowering your child every step of the journey. Imagine having therapists from every discipline working alongside each other collaborating on your child’s goals achieving long-lasting meaningful outcomes for your family.

At lifespan we are devoted to ensuring our clients flourish through life as happy and healthy as possible. Whilst face to face therapy sessions are an essential component of therapy, a big part of reaching your therapy goals goes into setting your child up for success in all areas of life. 

To ensure we are providing you with the best support to reach these goals faster, our therapist will be required to complete additional tasks outside of these sessions to empower you to reach these goals on a daily basis. 

Indirect services include any clinical consultation or supports occurring outside of regular direct contact sessions. This may include:

  • Writing of any letters, reports, summaries additional to existing documentation, assessing/analysing and reporting of assessments 
  • Attendance at any meeting, including phone calls, zoom calls, or face to face meetings (including travel time).
  • Development of any clinical resources specific or individual to the child, as required for their intervention
  • Provision of any adjustments or classroom scaffolds, curriculum modifications/support and environmental recommendations/adjustments.
  • Advocacy, education of stakeholders, case management advice, including lead therapist planning time.
  • Multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary stakeholder in person communications, includes collaborative goal setting & clinical planning sessions, case conferencing & review meetings.
  • Home programming, individualised resource development, AAC planning or programming.
  • Parent advice, education, coaching sessions.

As we are a multi- discipline clinic and many clients seen across multiple therapist our customer service team handles all requests for additional services. Any requests for indirect services during regular clinical sessions, will be handled by our customer service team to arrange a timeframe for completion. Our customer service team manage our therapist calendars or caseload requirements in a balanced way to prevent burnout. All standard indirect services typically take from 2-6 weeks depending on caseload demands, however NDIS report such as review reports, change of circumstance or functional capacity reports can take up to 10-12 weeks. 

All indirect services are billed at the hourly rate, based on 15-minute increments, including any travel.

Consistency with therapy is essential in reach our family goals and to help give our children the tools to live life to their maximum potential. Whilst we understand that multiple cancellations or no shows to appointments can happen from time to time, it is important to attend your appointments regularly and consistently to ensure:

  • Consistency of intervention
  • Improved goal outcomes
  • Reaching life milestone
  • Continuous development of rapport and therapeutic relationships
  • Familiarity of routines

At Lifespan Therapies, we book our therapy sessions 8 weeks ahead which we provide to families when booking these in. Our service then sends a courtesy reminder SMS 72 hours prior to the appointment, this is a courtesy message only. Your appointment was confirmed when booking these appointments.


We understand appointments need to be cancelled or changed which is why we book 8 weeks ahead and send the courtesy reminder. If you need to cancel an appointment we require 2 clear business days’ notice of any service cancellation, as therapists prepare sessions ahead of time. Although NDIS have a policy outlining all appointments that are cancelled within 7 clear days 100% fees are to be charged, we understand 7 days can be hard to plan for families. Lifespan’s 2 clear days cancellation notices allows us to remain a viable business and continue supporting many other children and participants in the community. In some circumstances to avoid a cancellation fee charge telehealth can be offered or the time used for indirect support required for your child, however you fail to notify the clinic the cancelation fee will be charged.

We understand that emergencies and situations occur which may be out of your control, therefore waiving the cancellation fee may be considered in this circumstance, however this is at the sole discretion of Lifespan Therapy Management.

Lifespan Therapy has the following process in place should multiple cancelations or no shows occur:

  • If a client and/or family cancels or has late cancellations (i.e. less than 48 hours notice) for three (3) appointments within a three (3) month period for all clinicians, then the client and family will be asked to attend their next appointment with the clinician to discuss barriers to attendance.
  • If after 3 cancelations and a counselling session with your therapist this pattern of cancelation continues, Lifespan Therapies Management will cancel your ongoing appointments. We understand things can be challenging at time, however we do have extensive waitlist and in order to provide a fair services to all families we will place your child back onto our waitlist and offer the appointment to someone else. 

We are aware of families wanting a break from therapy during school holidays or other time periods, but it is important that this notified to us prior to when appointments are booked. We also understand that needs of the clients can make attending your child’s appointment difficult and the individual circumstances will be considered.

Intensive physiotherapy is block therapy delivered with higher frequency and duration as opposed to your regular sessions. It is aimed to reach specific goals in a prescribed period, by doing daily longer than usual therapy sessions for several weeks in a row. At Lifespan, the frequency and duration of sessions during an intensive, as well as the length of the intensive block, will be individualized based on the child’s age, needs and goals. These variables will be agreed upon by the physiotherapist and the family to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

A typical intensive therapy block could run anywhere from 2-4 weeks, with daily sessions being 1-4 hours. With the opportunity to perform many more repetitions than regular weekly therapy, neural pathways are formed more efficiently during intensives, so that new skills are more likely to be learnt, retained and implemented into daily routines. Intensive therapy is an evidence-based approach to fast tracking children towards goals that would likely take longer to achieve with regular weekly therapy.  

Yes, hydrotherapy is provided under the instruction of qualified physiotherapists. It can be done as a therapy on its own, or as an adjunct to land-based physio. Exercise in the warm water can be beneficial for tone management, muscle strengthening, increasing body awareness, pain reduction, and milestone achievement, for a wide range of conditions. Many also find it more fun and engaging than other forms of therapy! 

An Allied Health Assistant (AHA) works under the delegation and indirect supervision of our therapists to provide support and assist the delivery of therapy to our clients. Our AHA’s take on detailed plans from the therapists to carry out sessions in all disciplines, as well as prep resources, support in administration tasks and assist the therapists in sessions where possible. Prior to seeing clients one-on-one, our AHA’s have observed many sessions with the therapists and been equipped with the skills to expand on session plans and build rapport with clients, embodying Lifespan’s values. Our AHA’s work with NDIS funded clients after receiving a treatment plan created by a trained therapist. Session plans are reviewed on a regular basis, usually every 6-8 weeks, or as questions arise. Additionally, regular re-assessments with direct contact time with the trained therapist occur. Rest assured that session plans are reviewed by our therapists for session plan changes, goal changes, and other changes in circumstance. 

You may benefit from an AHA for many reasons such as limited funding, limited spots available with therapists and having a better connection with our motivated and fun AHA’s. 

Therapy is a very individual process, and every child develops and learns new concepts/skills at different paces. Whilst it's not possible to give an exact time frame, usually, after your first assessment with our therapist you will be given an understanding of what therapy time expectancy is.