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Chest Physio

What is Chest Physio?

CPT is a component of physiotherapy that not many people know about! It consists of airway clearance techniques (ACT) to assist in clearing secretions in the lungs and may include percussions (clapping), vibrations, deep breathing, huffing, or coughing. Chest physio can be performed in multiple positions and is used to help drain mucus from the five lobes of the lungs and decrease work of breathing.

Chest physiotherapy can be performed by family members who have been shown proper technique by a accredited health professional. It is an important adjuvant treatment for a range of respiratory or neuromuscular illnesses and a quick assessment with our trusty stethoscope can help us determine if you or your little one would benefit from chest physiotherapy!

All of our Physio team at Lifespan is able to perform chest physiotherapy, so don’t hesitate to ask if you think you or your little one may need some chest physiotherapy!

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